MatrixStream unveils geo-based IPTV content streaming solution

MatrixStream has introduced a product that it says expands the way IPTV providers can deliver video content by improving the security and quality of IP-delivered material from the cloud. The product's end game is to give IPTV service providers--both real and virtual--the ability to offer non-traditional over-the-top video content to their subscribers as part of the overall service package.

MatrixStream said in a press release that it is working with "a tier-1 MVPD" to deploy the technology in the first quarter, but did not reveal a name.

The MatrixCloud product uses geo-blocking to allow customers to watch geographically segregated programming on any broadband connection.

MatrixCloud overcomes a lack of Internet content security "by allowing service providers to restrict content programming by city," the embedded IPTV company said. "With this geo-blocking feature, service providers can obtain hard-to-get must-have channels such as sports and other premium programming not normally available over the Internet."

"The MatrixCloud IPTV solution offers many features simply not available today on many OTT video services," said MatrixStream COO Robert Liu. "This solution allows service providers to have time-to-market advantages when deploying next-generation TV services for their viewers. It also gives providers the ability to attract new customers while protecting their existing customer base from onslaught of Internet-based OTT TV services."

Because the technology is based in the cloud, viewers can also watch any show broadcast in the last 30 days on any device without having to record it, MatrixStream said in the release, noting that the service provider can restrict which devices can do this and how often it can happen.

Importantly for service providers, the technology supports targeted advertising on any IP-enabled device.

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