Maven Networks

Based: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2002

Why it's fierce: So what is an Internet TV company doing on a list of IPTV companies? Well, Internet TV or broadband TV is fast merging with IPTV-proper, meaning the services telcos are launching to compete with cable's offerings. As the telcos deploy IP-based networks with enough bandwidth to carry video, you better bet the end user is going to use that same bandwidth in his data service to stream online videos. That brings us to Maven Networks, one of the best examples of the type of Internet TV company that can and will give telco TV a run for its money. Maven's online offering boasts intelligent content delivery that allows video providers to distribute high-quality video at nearly a 10th of the cost of streaming. Maven's Media Server enables content producers to schedule, provision and deliver their programs to clients with high res quality video that their desktop client plays back as downloaded, DVD-quality clips.

What to look for: After closing the big deal with CBS two months ago, other major networks will sign Maven as their content enabler--once they see the success of CBS' pioneering efforts.

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