Mediacom extends and expands deal with tech vendor Synacor

Mediacom and Synacor renewed a 2015 deal for portal services. (Mediacom)

Mediacom has extended its portal and advertising agreement with Synacor, while also expanding the agreement to include the Buffalo, New York, technology vendor’s identity management and authentication platform, Advanced Cloud ID.

The New York-based midsized cable operator also renewed its service agreement for Synacor’s Zimbra email and collaboration platform. (Synacor acquired Zimbra back in 2015.)

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Synacor and Mediacom last announced a deal in 2015. Synacor said at the time that it planned to redesign Mediacom's video user interface, as well as provide a search and discovery metadata platform, a TV Everywhere login process and targeted content syndicated by Synacor.

Other Synacor cable clients include Charter Communications, WideOpenWest, GCI, Grande Communications and Service Electric Cablevision.

“Through our joint efforts, Mediacom drives higher customer engagement with high impact customer experiences. A robust portal, an advanced email platform and a frictionless TV Everywhere experience all contribute to that objective,” said Himesh Bhise, CEO of Synacor, in a statement. 

“We value our relationship with Synacor, and the seamless entertainment and communication experiences they help us deliver to our customers,” adde John Pascarelli, executive VP of operations at Mediacom. “We look forward to offering richer digital experiences powered by Synacor’s innovative software platform.”