Mediacom loses Missouri channels as retrans agreement breaks down; Charter restructures leadership

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> Mediacom subscribers in Missouri lost channels KOMU 8 and Mid-Missouri's CW Channel after an apparent retransmission agreement turned into a disagreement. Mediacom had agreed to the first year of a three-year contract extension with KOMA, but when the second and third years could not be settled backed out, the TV station said. The result; dead air where the channels used to be in the lineup. Story.

> Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR) has beefed up the responsibilities of several senior leadership members including Ted Schremp, executive VP-operations and marketing; Marwan Fawaz, Executive VP-strategy and CTO; and Greg Doody, executive VP-programming and legal affairs. News Release.

> Adding yet another level of international intrigue, broadcast TV station owner Fisher Communications has rejected an unsolicited buyout offer from Canada-based Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust because it is "not in the best interest of shareholders." Story.

> Cable's not alone when it comes to raising prices. Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH), facing higher programming costs, is raising the rates on most programming packages $3 to $5 a month. On the other side of the coin, the satellite provider said it would freeze prices on core programming packages through January 2013. Just at the higher level. Story.

> Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) is under fire in upstate New York because the company that maintains its digital phone data base has changed "and a lot of information seems to have fallen through the cracks." Among that information, a report from Wampsville, N.Y. said, is the way 911 calls are routed. Story.

And finally ... speaking of Time Warner Cable, can you say mountain out of a molehill? Apparently it's news when 300 people in Midtown New York City lose their cable, Internet and phone service. Of course it does become a bit more newsworthy when that happens Dec. 21 and continues at least until Jan. 3. Story.