Mediacom warns consumers about check scam

Scammers never overestimate the intelligence of their targets but a new scheme brought to light by Mediacom Communications (Nasdaq: MCCC) could be hitting all-time depths.

"A postal mail scam contains checks that appear to be drawn on a Mediacom bank account," the MSO said in a news release. The scam is typical in that consumers are advised they've won a prize and should act fast to get in on a bonanza of money. Of course they're asked to pay a small amount to get a big return.

What makes this scam intriguing is that the scammers think that consumers will believe a cable company is giving away money. When was the last time that happened?

Anyway, in case anyone is gullible enough to believe it, Mediacom has made it clear that "none of these letters were sent by Mediacom."

For more:
- see this news release 

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