Microsoft producing TV; Disney CEO defends Netflix deal

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> It's hardly a surprise, but still worth mentioning that Microsoft is working on producing original TV programming for its Xbox Live service. Story

> Disney CEO Bob Iger has defended his company's deal with Netflix and told investors it won't discourage viewers from subscribing to traditional pay TV services. Story

> YouView-powered TV service TalkTalk hit the 80,000 customer mark Dec. 31 and is adding about 10,000 installations a week. Story

> Swisscom said it added 183,000 IPTV subscribers over the past year and now has 791,000 total subs. Story

Online Video News

> Australian regulators are concerned that the growth of online video services in competition with incumbent service providers could result in Internet slowdowns as the incumbents try to protect their own paid video content. Story

Cable News

> Suddenlink Communications has joined the Netflix Open Connect content delivery network (CDN), which will allow it to deliver "super HD" movies and 3D content to its cable subscribers, Netflix spokesman Joris Elders told FierceCable Monday. Story

And finally… Keeping it international, France Telecom's Mobistar subsidiary is looking to use access to cable networks to enter the triple and quad play markets. Story