Microsoft releases Mediaroom Presentation Framework

IPTV service providers AT&T and BT are among those that have in their hands the new release of the Mediaroom Presentation Framework from software giant Microsoft. The two are among the more than 150 companies--most of them software developers--involved in Microsoft's beta program release of the software, key aspects of which allow service providers and content developers to combine broadcast content with Internet content. Microsoft demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics Show back in January how an IPTV customer could benefit from this capability by watching a TV news channel and simultaneously pulling in a Web news feed, video and other online information. The new framework also is capable of speeding up application development.

Microsoft is planning to have the final commercial version of the framework ready by the end of this year. The company has several large service provider customers for Mediaroom, though France Telecom earlier this year showed some interest in competing in the IPTV software space against Microsoft, saying a new consortium might be able to better address evolving carrier needs.

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