Middleware, security vendors' views on IPTV

Israel-based Infogate, a developer of middleware solutions for IPTV content, and Irdeto, a developer of security software for protection of video content against piracy and theft, teamed up to provide IPTV services and plan to offer their joint solution to an integrator such as Nortel or Unisys. Irdeto VP of Sales Parvaiz Ahsan and Infogate Product Manager Asaf Inbar give their views of the IPTV market:

  • Advantages of IPTV over cable and satellite: bi-directional network with interactivity, flexibility, speed and customized content
  • Lessons learned from the music industry: Encoding rendering pirated copies to be of inferior quality
  • Advertising in IPTV: maybe based on two models--one with premium content with no commercials for a fee and the other with content including commercials for free
  • Cellular TV: As with TV broadcasts, IP is one of the methods for transmission of cellular content. These are rival methods, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from both the technological and business perspective. The market is hot and developing rapidly with interesting times ahead.

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