Mmm-mm bad! iAds success threatens TV advertising model

Service providers already paying big bills for advertising-supported programming must be concerned by the claims that Campbell's ads shown Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) mobile advertising iAds platform "outperformed" TV ads by leaps and bounds.

According to Nielsen, which conducted a five-week study of the iAds, consumers remembered the Campbell's brand five times more often than TV ad respondents and recalled the ad messaging three times more often, according to a study by Nielsen.

Campbell's was impressed--although perhaps not quite enough to yet buy into a full campaign. "This does show, in really traditional brand metric terms, that iAd really outperformed," said Jennifer Gordon, director of global advertising for Campbell's Soups. "I think the combination of our news (of reduced-sodium condensed soup) and the new platform was great synergy and got people to think differently about Campbell's."

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