Mobile DTV not 'waivering' as it moves from back to front burners

Consumer electronics manufacturers, always important when bringing a new product to market, are charging ahead with mobile DTV thanks to an FCC waiver that exempts them from including full analog TV reception on any mobile devices they build.

Led by LG, Dell and Hauppauge, the CE guys explained to the FCC that adding analog to a device would "bump up the power consumption, size and cost quite a bit" and that interest in analog is next to nil. The FCC basically agreed, so things can now start going forward.

Elsewhere in the world of broadcasters, Fisher Communications, the owner of 13 full power TV stations and seven low power TV stations got more than $3.3 million in retransmission consent revenue in its third quarter compared to $800,000 in the second quarter of 2009. Just a little item there as the retransmission consent battles heat up with the big MSOs and the bigger TV networks.

Finally, speaking of TV networks, CBS is pondering the idea of adding its TV shows to Hulu as long as its part of the HuluPlus component. Right now Hulu has Disney-ABC, News Corp and NBC Universal in its fold.

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