MobiTV dangles dongle in front of service providers

MobiTV is using IBC 2013 in Amsterdam as a launch pad for a new dongle that, it said, creates an opportunity for wireless, IPTV and DSL broadband operators to broaden their in-home reach with TV Everywhere.

The Connected Media Platform with an HDMI dongle "breaks down barriers to the home that used to exist in order for providers to extend their brands and deliver a more engaging experience to their users," Charlie Nooney, CEO and chairman of MobiTV, said in a corporate news release.

Nooney said the device leverages MobiTV's Android expertise, in particular, so that the company can "be creative with our delivery by integrating social recommendations and advertising insertion, among other cutting-edge advances."

The dongle is intended to allow DSL broadband and IPTV providers to support multi-room deployments and add TV Everywhere capabilities both in and outside the home.

In a more conventional mode, MobiTV also said it was working with Marvell and EchoStar to include its DRM agent along with Marvell's media player in Android-powered EchoStar set-tops.

Again, the goal is to help operators capitalize on multiscreen revenue opportunities, Nooney said in another news release.

"By integrating MobiTV's DRM solution on a deeper layer, we're able to provide our customers superior security assurance while also delivering an optimal digital viewing experience with minimal upfront costs," Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar Technologies, said in the release.

Finally, MobiTV said its IPTV partnership with Deutsche Telekom has reached the end of its first phase, pushing IPTV to mobile devices. Ongoing efforts, the company said, will push live TV and on-demand programming across multiple screens.

"Since rolling out Entertain to our customers, we have continued to offer options to ensure that our customers are provided the latest in technology so they have the best quality of experience," Marc Schwarze, vice president for consumer marketing TV at Telekom Deutschland, said in a Rapid TV News story. "MobiTV's collaboration has helped us change the landscape for our customers and will allow them to break out of the home and experience their content wherever and whenever."

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