MobiTV has lured more than 50 pay TV operators onto its app-based TV platform

MobiTV wants to deploy the MobiTV Connect platform to more cable operators, and others, by the end of the year. (MobiTV)

MobiTV said that more than 50 U.S. pay TV operators have begun using its app-based MobiTV Connect platform for delivering service without the need for set-top boxes.

The company said All West Communications, Arvig, ATMC (Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation), Dalton Utilities/OptiLink, Elevate Fiber, Fidelity Communications, Greenlight Community Broadband, MetroNet, Nex-Tech, Nortex Communications, RiverStreet Networks, and USA Communications are among the operators using the platform. In all, MobiTV said these customers represent a total subscriber base of approximately 1 million across the U.S.

“It is becoming apparent that app-based TV is the future for delivering Pay services,” said Charlie Nooney, CEO and chairman of MobiTV, in a statement. “In a world where video is growing increasingly competitive from OTT offerings, operators must reduce the expense and overhead associated with Pay TV. Given that we are a software-based solution that provides both in-network and managed service options, we provide a level playing field for operators in terms of cost and, equally important, we allow them to take a leadership role in the user experience.”

Late last year, MobiTV signed a deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative that allowed its members to negotiate licensing deals for MobiTV Connect.

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“MobiTV can directly address many of the needs of our member operators who are aiming to stay competitive through an improved customer experience,” said Rich Fickle, president and CEO at NCTC, in a statement. “Our members may not have the resources to build solutions from the ground up, but they know that the transition to an IP-based infrastructure is highly beneficial. Live, on-demand, and local content delivered through robust, consumer-friendly applications is the future of television, and MobiTV’s end-to-end solution will help get them there. We reviewed proposals from 20 different companies and found MobiTV further ahead and more nimble than most of the other choices. Our members generally respond to consumer needs quicker than the largest companies in our industry. Clearly app-based delivery leveraging IP technology is where the video business model is heading.”