MoCa adds midrange frequencies for DirecTV whole-home DVR

The home network is becoming more user- and service provider-friendly as a result of actions taken by wireline and wireless organizations. In particular, the coax-based home network has become particularly welcoming to DirecTV as it prepares to launch a whole-home DVR service.

On the wireline side, the Multimedia over Cable Alliance (MoCa) has added mid-range frequencies from 500 KHz to 1.5 MHz primarily to help DirecTV which will launch whole-home DVR next month. The previous spectrum, 850 KHz to 1.5 MHz worked great for cable but overlapped the 950 KHz to 2.15 MHz band that DirecTV and its satellite cousin Dish Networks use to carry signals from the dish to the satellite receiver.

In the wireless realm, the High-bandwidth Digital Control Protection (HDCP) specification has been slightly modified to cover more devices entering into the home high definition space and as a potential replacement for HDMI cables.

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