Money men: Viacom's Dauman gets $84.5M in 2010; Google's Schmidt gets $100M in equity

> This programming stuff is apparently a moneymaker. Viacom (NYSE: VIA) CEO Philippe Dauman got a $50 million raise in 2010 as part of a total of $84.5 million in compensation. Story.

> Outgoing Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt, considered by some to be too adult for the entrepreneurial Web searcher, certainly has grown-up money in his pocket now. The company has bequeathed $100 million in equity on him. That's on top of his annual $1 (that's one dollar, not a typo) salary. Story.

> TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO), the company that became a noun and a verb and then an afterthought wants burst back into the public consciousness as a player in the Web video and on-demand space. Story.

> BSkyB is going to the cloud-really. The British satellite broadcaster is purchasing The Cloud and its U.K.-wide network of WiFi hotspots. Story.

> Two leading trade associations that cover fixed and mobile TV are getting hitched. The Open IPTV and the lesser known bmcoforum are creating a single entity to influence fixed and mobile broadband industries. Story.

And finally ... not all broadband is created equal. While most chatter these days is about how fast the fastest networks are, Railway Hill in Canterbury, Kent, U.K. has grabbed the "honor" of having the slowest broadband speeds in the country: 0.14 MB. Story.