More CR love for telco bundles

The February issue of Consumer Reports carries a story on how TV-Internet-phone service bundles, and telco bundles--namely those from AT&T and Verizon Communications--have beat out cable TV provider bundles.

Based on a survey of 69,000 Consumer Reports readers, the telcos scored high in TV and Internet experiences, and high enough in phone service to top the list. Satellite TV players DirecTV and Dish Network were not among overall TV service leaders, but did score well in areas such as channel selection and video/audio quality.

Consumer Reports offered similar findings one year ago this week, specifically calling out telco TV services as being better than cable TV offerings, so it appears telcos still have not lost their edge where CR readers are concerned. But it will be interesting to see how the ongoing evolution of TV services toward hybrid TV/Internet video packages affects next year's results.

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