More HD available for NRTC, NTCA members

The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) and the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) announced this week that the NRTC programming offering for rural telco members of these associations now includes more than 80 high-definition channels. That figure is somewhat less than market leaders such as Verizon Communications, but competitive with what several cable TV companies and other providers are offering

The NRTC said it recently more than doubled its HD offerings, with many big-name channels as part of the package, and it also enables telcos to choose two tiers of HD programming--HD Basic with access to several free channels, and HD Tier with premium channel offerings. 
"HD is growing in importance in rural areas. With it, rural telcos can compete effectively against cable or other service providers that offer voice, Internet and video," said NRTC President and CEO Bob Phillips, in a statement.  "Consumers choose their video services based on the features available. With the number of HD channels in our programming solution and the tiers we've created, rural telcos can position themselves advantageously."

For more:
- Here's the NRTC press release

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