More 'ugly' wires an issue as Time Warner resolves to compete with Buckeye in Ohio

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) wants to compete with Buckeye CableSystems in Oregon, Ohio and other surrounding communities and has filed the paperwork to start to make it happen. Surprisingly, the news wasn't greeted with hosannas and gun salutes by the Oregon City Council.

"You're telling me that if Time Warner comes in we have to have another set of cables hung to accommodate that service?" asked Councilman Sandy Bihn, when apprised of how a competing service provider operates. "Those are some of the most ugly wires in town, and now to add another set. It's looking worse and worse. If you allow one, I guess you have to allow them all. Is that the way it is?"

On a competitive note, TWC's competitive presence was heralded via an application it submitted with the Ohio Department of Commerce.

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