Mossberg: TiVo box found lacking; More join MAP to oppose Comcast/NBC deal

> Technology guru Walter Mossberg has found the new TiVo Premiere box to be flawed because "it doesn't go nearly far enough in tapping the Internet." The box is TiVo's latest hope to regain some prominence in the DVR space by combining conventional TV and the Internet. Story.

> The American Cable Association (ACA), Free Press, Consumers Union and the Consumer Federation of America have joined Media Access Point (MAP) in asking the FCC for a 45 day extension to prepare reasons why Comcast and NBC Universal should not be lawfully joined. Story.

> Poland's second largest triple play provider, Vectra, will use Sigma Systems Advanced IP service fulfillment technology to provision and activate new services such as mobile and business voice. News release.

> German cable operators have been told that any interference to cable TV services is their problem and it can't be used to delay the country's "Digital Dividend" auctions. Cable operator Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg--and you thought Xfinity rolled off the tongue--claimed LTE services deployed around 800 MHz would interfere with cable. Story.

> Here's a date to put in your calendars. Time Warner Cable will discuss first quarter results on April 29 at 8:30 a.m. EDT during a conference call. News release.