Moto pushes 3D with advanced set-top processing

As far as Motorola is concerned, the set-top box is not dead. The lead member of the cable industry's set-top duopoly (just ahead of Cisco according to the latest statistics) has enhanced its line of DCX set-tops so they can process 3D content before it's delivered to TV sets. The idea is to make the 3D viewing experience as seamless as possible, the company said in a news release.

"As you're channel surfing on a set-top and the set-top identifies it's on a 3D channel it can automatically signal the TV to go into an appropriate 3D mode," said Marc Schaffer, director of product management, programming at Motorola, during an interview with FierceCable. "If you don't have that, as you're channel surfing and you land on a 3D channel you're going to have to find your TV remote, put it in 3D mode and pick the right format that matches that channel."

The improvement, he added, "sounds small, but it's quite big. Today people are used to channel surfing with one remote and I'm sure a lot of people don't know where their television remote is."

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