Moto sues TiVo; Cisco atop CMTS market

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> Claiming its patents were filed several years earlier, Motorola Mobility has sued TiVo for patent infringement. Story.

> All's right in the topsy-turvy cable modem termination system market now that Cisco has regained its market lead with 52 percent share. Story.

> It's OK to let your mind wander a bit as you digest the news that Penthouse has unveiled (and isn't that a neat term here) a 3D porn channel in Europe. Story.

> Verismo Networks is in the mood to help all kinds of service providers expand their reach with a broadband media gateway that "provides seamless integrating of broadcast channels, video-on-demand, over-the-top media services, VoIP and a broadband router." The kitchen sink is an option. News release.

And finally ... LightSquared and the tongue twisting United States Global Positioning System Industry Council have submitted their first joint report to the FCC and announced the formation of a technical working group. News release.