Moto, Verizon reportedly resurrecting Corvair tablet for FiOS play

Motorola and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) have apparently quietly resurrected the Motorola Corvair Android tablet in a FiOS customer survey. The action has prompted Web speculation that the two companies are again looking at the possibilities of moving FiOS onto the Android platform and are helping matters along by giving or selling subscribers a tablet to access FiOS content.

An Engadget reader started the Web buzzing by submitting a screenshot of a Verizon survey that asked customers what they think about a FiOS companion tablet device that "might be available in the future."

Engadget identified the device as the Corvair--a 6-inch Android 2.3 tablet that appeared last year. The survey posits that the device could be used as a remote control for the TV, DVD player, stereo system or "anything else that is control(led) by an infrared signal." The unit could also serve as a screen on which to stream "select TV channels" as part of what sounds like a TV Everywhere play.

But Corvair, according to the reports, is more than a jacked-up remote control--it's also a fully functional Android tablet that includes home automation tie-ins and a 4000mAh battery.

"The questionnaire didn't reveal much else about its capabilities or potential pricing other than asking users if they would be interested in customizing their own home screen, and how," the Engadget story said.

A Motorola representative sent an e-mail response to FierceIPTV: "We have a team of advanced technologists always exploring a number of future innovations to drive the evolution of TV and a smart, simple connected home." Verizon told FierceIPTV in an email that "Verizon has not announced any new equipment at this time however we continuously explore new ways to deliver a great customer experience."

This isn't the first time that Motorola has been said to be marketing a tablet for an MVPD. Reports last November had the vendor pushing its product to cable operators who continue to add Android and iOS devices to their list of potential screens for TV Everywhere offerings.

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