MPEG Industry Forum declares 'victory," hands off to Open IPTV Forum

The MPEG Industry Forum apparently has gone about as far as it can go, and is ready to close up shop after more than a decade driving the transition from analog to all-things-digital.

"We have 'declared victory' and the activities of the MPEG Industry Forum are now being wound up," reads a farewell e-mail message to members and FierceIPTV from President David Price. "By the end of this month, all remaining assets will be put into the hands of the Open IPTV Forum."

The MPEGIF was formed in 2000 to serve as an arbiter of all things MPEG, including providing an industry voice advocating the adoption of standards and assisting industry direction during a "time of great fragmentation in this industry" as video transitioned from analog to digital, Price wrote in his e-mail.

"Our task was to educate and evangelize. Our efforts drove in many directions including many informational events … and crucially, a series of important interoperability test rounds combined with some very active tech lists (that will now be closed on July 1st)," he continued.

As the Forum's Web site proclaims, "the activities of MPEGIF generally start where MPEG stops."

One of those activities was promoting H.264, which, "today is clearly the dominant codec of choice, replacing MPEG-2 around the world. Hence the declaration of victory," Price concluded.

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