MTV Spain launches second screen app; Rogers invests in interactive TV

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> MTV has exported its contribution to American culture--Jersey Shore--to Spain, where Gandia Shore is now a second screen app. Story

> Rogers' Communications has invested $2.5 million in automatic content recognition services provider TV Interactive Systems (aka Cognitive Networks). Story

> The slow rollout of fiber in Europe is delaying faster implementation of IPTV. Story

> Concluding that online technologies like IPTV give people new ways to access content, Australian government powers have determined that there's no need for a new television network. Story

> Canal Plus has wrapped up the merger of Poland's multiple pay TV interests. Story

Online Video News

> Time Inc. has consolidated its video production activities into a new unit tasked with developing more online video related to its magazine titles at a higher quality. The move includes the appointment of J.R. McCabe into the new role of senior VP of video. McCabe joined Time after a stint as VP-chief video officer at Meredith Corp. Story

Cable News

> Time Warner Cable plans to drop underperforming cable networks that aren't worth their monthly carriage fees, according to CEO Glenn Britt. Story

And finally… U.K.-based broadband provider has seen a subscription surge after launching IPTV. Story

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