Multitasking during TV viewing takes steep uptick, TiVo says

U.S. TV viewers are increasingly less engaged, choosing more and more to do things that have nothing to do with TV simultaneously as they watch programming.

This is according to TiVo's second annual "Multitasking and Social TV" survey, which polled 856 users of the company's users. TiVo found that 51 percent of viewers say they multitask during most of their TV watching, up from 36 percent in 2013. Only 27 percent in the latest survey said they don't do anything else while watching the tube, down from 35 percent last year.

Little of this multitasking seems to relate to social media activities related to shows being watched. For example, TiVo said only 5 percent of respondents reported performing "TV-related" multitasking activities as they watch.

Counter-intuitively, 47 percent of respondents said TV is their primary focus while this multitasking occurs--that was up from 39 percent in 2013.

"Even given the proliferation of multitasking, viewers remain primarily focused on the television shows they are watching," said TiVo Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer. "To paraphrase the Bard, the program's the thing!"

Tivo devices used while watching TV study

Viewers use their smartphones while watching TV more than any other device. (Source: TiVo)

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