Must-carry from the other side

It's always good to know what the other side is thinking and doing. Suffice it to say that TV broadcasters are not happy about the Supreme Court must-carry case being advanced by Cablevision Systems and supported by the likes of Discovery Channel and C-Span.

Somehow the definition of free--as in free speech, not free over-the-air--is getting entwined into the fight especially as it comes to low-rated TV stations that Cablevision doesn't want to carry and Discovery doesn't want to see carried while maintaining that must-carry laws violate the free speech portion of the First Amendment.

Broadcast backers bristle at this. "Free speech--in theory--gives the right of cable operators to choose what programming they want to air. But here's another truth: free speech doesn't mean free programming," said Wayne Friedman in a MediaPost blog.

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