NAB calls for 'holistic approach' on spectrum; consumers rank social media as low as airlines, cable

> The broadcasters have taken their case to the White House via a letter from NAB President Gordon Smith to Lawrence Summers, director of the White House's Economic Policy Council that said a "holistic" approach to spectrum policy could dredge up some spectrum to repurpose without compromising what the broadcasters use. Story.

> Here's a scary thought for cable operators who think social media will attract a new generation of viewers/subscribers. The American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business said that consumers rank leading social media site Facebook with airlines and cable pay TV. It's not a compliment. Facebook is in the bottom 5 percent of all measured and private-sector companies. Story.

> Maybe this guy wants to rethink this. Paul Ceglia has filed a complaint with federal court stating that he signed a contract with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for software development and that it entitles him to 84 percent of the company. Ceglia's mouthpiece Terrence Connors told the court that the contract was signed seven years ago when Facebook was a "fledgling project. Who knew it would turn into what it has turned into today?" he wondered. A service as unpopular as airlines and cable TV, apparently. Story.

> Cablevision's Optimum Lightpath continues to hook up. This time the MSO's business services group has connected with CENX, a carrier Ethernet exchange connecting 10 million locations worldwide. News release.

And finally... It may not be the best time to invest in cable TV in Brazil. Net Servicos de Communicacao SA, Brazil's biggest cable TV provider, said second quarter profit slid 69 percent because of "higher costs and currency losses." Bet there's some subscribers on pins and needles waiting for a rate increase. News release.