NBC Universal writers take sides with Comcast counterparts

Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) execs frequently extol the "synergies" of their company's proposed merger with NBC Universal, but here's one the MSO probably didn't anticipate. NBCU broadcast and cable channel writers have signed a letter supporting writers from Comcast-owned cable channel-based shows in their request to join the Writers Guild of America and to have Comcast negotiate with the union.

"We believe that Comcast Entertainment Group's writers should have what we have, a Writers Guild of America contract that provides portable pension and health benefits, fair payments for reuse and resale of their material, reasonable minimums and other appropriate employment terms," the NBCU writers wrote.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, in testifying before Congress in February, said the MSO hoped to "continue the good relations with the guilds and the unions that NBC Universal has," the network writers pointed out. "We call on Comcast Entertainment Group to live up to its pledge and immediately recognize and negotiate with the Writers Guile of America, West."

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