NBCU memos: Zucker says goodbye; Bromstad announces her departure

> NBC Universal execs use the memo the way some people use Twitter. Outgoing CEO Jeff Zucker told his staff--in a memo of course--that Comcast's (Nasdaq: CMCSA) ownership presents the end of a chapter in his corporate career and "an exciting new beginning" for those left behind. Story.

> Among those who won't, by choice, be part of the "exciting new beginning" outgoing NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker was hyping in a farewell memo to his staff is prime time entertainment president Angela Bromstad, who issued her own memo to tell her staff that she's splitting. Story.

> Here's something to chew on with your next retransmission sit-down. The latest word is that a merged Comcast-NBC Universal will give the Walt Disney Co.'s (NYSE: DIS) money-printing ESPN a run for its sports life. Story.

> Geographically speaking, not many would think of Chattanooga, Tenn. as the place where high-speed Internet will meet the smart grid. That's the case though, where utility EFB is putting the final touches on a super-fast Internet pipe to compete with, among others (and here's a name you might have heard a time or two) Comcast. Story.

And finally ... a Sys-Con Media listing of tech that's "jumping the shark" included this paragraph: "Some are obvious: MySpace, cable TV subscriptions (our emphasis), brick & mortar video chains, Digg, flip phones, eBay and DVDs. Less obvious, the list notes, is "cloud computing." Blog.