NCTA extends Powell for 3 years amid deregulation bonanza for cable

NCTA president and CEO Michael Powell
Powell is one of the most vocal supporters of stripping away net neutrality rules. (Image: NCTA)

The NCTA and the cable industry have gone from “relentless government assault” to seemingly bottomless regulatory deconstruction in just 21 months.

With this probably in mind, the cable industry lobbying org has extended the contract of CEO and President Michael Powell for three more years. 

Powell is a former FCC chairman, a Bill Clinton appointee, who joined the NCTA in 2011.

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He was one of the most vocal proponents of current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his quest to strip away 2015 Title II internet regulations. 

The NCTA credits Powell with guiding its strategic restructuring and rebranding—the organization is now officially known as NCTA—The Internet & Television Association and has aggressively sought to move away from the term “cable.”

In 2016, Powell also made the bold decision to end the group’s 50-year-old tradeshow. 

It was at the last NCTA event, branded INTX for its last iteration, that Powell famously bemoaned the last regulatory environment. 

Declaring that the FCC had launched a “relentless government assault,” Powell noted, "The FCC's mantra is competition, competition, competition. But from where we sit it means one thing: regulation, regulation, regulation."