NCTA partnering with CableLabs for scaled-down April invite-only event in D.C.

Michael Powell NCTA

Having cancelled its annual multiday industry event, NCTA said it will partner with CableLabs to produce a one-day invitation-only conference in Washington, D.C., on April 27.

“It is an invitation-only event being held at Dock 5 at Union Market in Washington, D.C.,” the lobbying group said in a blog post. “It will bring together top influencers in technology, policy, and media who will reveal how even the most fantastic visions of the future are closer than you think. And it will approach the topic of next-generation technology in an entirely new way, by exploring how four pillars of human-technology interactivity—the way we live, work, learn, and play—are being reimagined.”

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NCTA is calling this event The Near Future. Here’s a link to the registration page. 

The lobbying group, which now operates under the cumbersome quasi acronym “NCTA—The Internet & Television Association,” announced the cancellation of its 65-year-old annual trade show in September.

The event, which had recently been rebranded from “The Cable Show” into “INTX,” was seeing precipitous attendance declines. And prospects for a planned D.C. event in April didn’t appear to offer any improvement, with the INTX scheduled right up against NAB in Las Vegas. 

The scaled-down one-day-only event still has overlap with NAB, which runs from April 22 to 27. However, NCTA seems to be tightening its focus to regulation. 

“Business in Washington often revolves around the here and now,” the group said in its blog. “We focus on the daily news cycle, this week’s hearings, next month’s regulatory proceedings or the ongoing variety of public events dissecting policy minutiae. While all of this is essential, at NCTA we also know how important it is to step out of this mold and take a deeper look into the future.”