NCTC EVP Abbott resigns; Comcast goes all in with theme parks

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> NCTC Executive Vice President Scott Abbott has left the organization after 14 years, marking the second high level departure this year. CEO Jeff Abbas quit in March. Story

> Comcast is now the proud 100 percent owner of two Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando. Story

> Cox Communications has reportedly raised cable and data rates for the second time in "less than a year" in its Hampton Roads franchise area serving about 400,000 households. Story

> Verimatrix has introduced watermarking technology designed to help studios combat streamed content piracy and offer earlier VoD. Story

> Comcast (yes again) has expanded its IPv6 trial to "hundreds of cable modem subscribers" in the San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami areas. Story

> From the interesting statistics file, 15 percent of American homes still rely on sometimes-unreliable over-the-air signals for their TV service. Story

> Proving the pen is mightier than the word processor, there are expected to be nearly 100 changes to proposed incentive auction legislation as the U.S. Senators sharpen their quills and get to work. Story

And finally ... Cisco breathlessly announced "major changes" to its ASR 9000 Series of service routers that "will set new industry benchmarks and dramatically increase capabilities at the edge of the next-generation Internet and transform the broadband communication and entertainment industries." Nothing like setting lofty goals. News release