NCTC smooths TV Everywhere rollout for 80 small cable operators

The National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. (NCTC) has announced that its successfully enabled more than 80 of its small cable TV operator member companies with TV Everywhere authentication technology, a bit of news that comes as the NCTC's The Independent Show kicks off in Buena Vista, Fla. this week.

The announcement also comes amid a fresh round of criticism of the overall TV Everywhere concept and the lack of uniformity in its implementation.

NCTC said it developed its Watch TV Everywhere authentication solution developed in collaboration with several of its members, with a major assist coming from Massillon Cable TV, which had already made much headway with TV Everywhere. Working through the NCTC platform allows small cable TV companies to get access to the major TV Everywhere content suppliers more quickly and less expensively than they could on their own, along with easier integration into their own billing systems.

Clearleap last week announced that it had been named by the NCTC as an approved providers of such TV Everywhere authentication services.

The NCTC also said its wants to create more TV Everywhere support solutions, including ways to originate content and enhanced navigation solutions for multi-screen access. These efforts will be added to a TV Everywhere Master Agreement whose aim is to allow the small cable TV operators to launch TV Everywhere availability in as little as a few weeks.

While the NCTC looks to make TV Everywhere an easier project to tackle, it is clear that across the cable TV and content sectors, there remains to many varied methods for launching it, and a lot of confusion about how to implement a concept that many though would have reached maturity by now. A Los Angeles Times report last week noted that signing up for TV Everywhere services through some cable TV operators can still be a labor-intensive process, while some major content player have been able to jump ahead by quickly offering online programming directly to viewers.

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