Net neutrality, no matter how today's vote goes, has something for everyone to hate

No matter how today's FCC vote goes (and it's expected to go in favor of net neutrality), the federal agency will likely have offended nearly everyone but the giant service providers with its new rules to govern Internet activity. And even the service providers are only lukewarm to the proposal they hammered out with the FCC.

Last-minute opposition to the plan, expected to be approved 3-2 by the Democrat-heavy commission, ranged from Republicans who ripped the rules as representing government interference on private business to Democrats who think it doesn't go far enough.

Even those expected to support the move are doing so with clamped noses. "The item we will vote on tomorrow is not the one I would have crafted," FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said in a statement. "While I cannot vote wholeheartedly to approve the item, I will not block it by voting against it."

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