Netflix adds at least one 'buy now' button

GASP! Purchase a movie on Netflix? For your very own? Maybe. The toast of online video subscription services, which a month ago demurred when asked by Hollywood to consider placing a "buy" button on some of its movies, appears to have moved to placate Tinseltown. Reports say Netflix has added a small "buy now" tagline on its Little Fockers movie page.

But said the streaming service isn't actually handling the transaction, instead passing subscribers along to the official site for Little Fockers, where they can buy the film from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Apple's iTunes. The site also has Little Fockers available on demand.

Netflix so far has stuck to its all-rental business model, and it's not clear if the "buy now" button on Little Fockers is a one off or the start of a bigger trend.

The studios have reportedly offered Netflix better deals for streaming licenses if Netflix would be willing to give subscribers options to purchase films, but Netflix has declined, seemingly unwilling--or too committed to its business model--to enter the world of item-by-item transactions.

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