Netflix integration with Facebook coming soon, but not to U.S. users

Much has been made about Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and its potential integration with social networking giant Facebook, but it's not something U.S. subscribers to either service are likely to see any time soon.

In his letter to shareholders discussing second quarter earnings, CEO Reed Hastings said the company had "made great progress over the quarter on our Facebook integration and we'll likely launch it before our next earnings report." In Latin America and Canada.

Why not in the U.S.?

Hastings, who recently joined the Facebook board, said the Video Privacy Protection Act--which is unclear about when and how a user can allow their video viewing data to be shared--discourages the company from launching the service in the U.S. In fact, Netflix already is facing a lawsuit in relation to the VPPA.

The good news, perhaps, is that a clarification, H.R. 2471, which clears up when and how a user can give such permission, has been introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

"We're hoping H.R. 2471 passes, enabling us to offer our Facebook integration to our U.S. subscribers who desire it," Hastings wrote.

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