Netflix, other SVOD platforms have only 16% of top films; Layer3 sets up Denver headquarters

Cable industry news from across the Web:

> A  tally conducted by Torrent Freak found that among 808 of the most critically acclaimed and/or commercially successful films, only 16 percent can be found on SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Story

> British Telecom has been conducting test of its G-Fast technology it says is cable of delivering 800 Mbps downstream and 200 Mbps upstream speeds via FTTN. Story

> Self-described "next generation cable operator" Layer3 opened up its Denver headquarters on Sept. 15 and now employs 50 workers spread across Colorado and Boston. Story

> Netflix has struck another deal with a European cable operator, Belgacom, to put its app on pay-TV set-top boxes. Story

> SoftBank has offered to by DreamWorks Animation for around $3.4 billion. Story

And finally … Amazon will premiere the second season of its seminal original series Alpha House on Oct. 24. Story

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