Netflix says it's not in the show business

Despite reports to the contrary, Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) says it has no plans to create its own original shows. That means it won't be hiring producers and writers, despite what was reported in the New York Post.

"It's not the company's core competency and it won't be doing that," Netflix Vice President Steve Swasey told USA Today. Of course, as everyone knows, Netflix is "doing that" with a $100 million deal to produce a drama called "House of Cards." Nevertheless, that's apparently a one-off thing, Swasey maintained.

Elsewhere in Netflix news, a Sandvine study says that Netflix movies and TV shows now account for about 30 percent of Internet traffic during peak hours. The study also said that Web browsing only takes up 17 percent and that the entire "real-time entertainment" sector consumes 49.2 percent of peak aggregate traffic and will represent 55 to 60 percent by year-end.

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