Netflix subscriber count expected to pass 19 million

As if anyone in the cable industry needed yet another reminder that the over-the-top competition is real, Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), ostensibly the leader of OTT providers, is expected to announce that it's well over 19 million subscribers strong and growing when it lays out fourth quarter results tomorrow.

A Business Week analysis of Netflix's business came to the conclusion that "Netflix is making it easier for people to cancel their cable television subscribers as it crates new and convenient ways to watch video at home or even on the road through mobile devices."

AT&T (NYSE: T) apparently feels the heat since it's rebranded its video-on-demand service "U-Verse Movies" and stated an ad campaign that emphasizes video availability and combats the notion of using Netflix or budget video rental player Redbox, according to Multichannel News.

For more:
- Business Week has this story
- and Multichannel News this story

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