New 70-channel faith IPTV service

Sky Angel has launched a 70-channel Internet service devoted to Christian and family TV and radio programming. The subscription service is being offered in three tiers:

  • a Faith Package for $14.99/mo.;
  • a Family package for $19.99/mo.;
  • and both packages offered as a Family Values package for $24.99/mo.

Faith channels include FamilyNet, Liberty Channel, God TV, JCTV, Gospel Music Channel, EWTN, CatholicTV and many others. Family channels are Discovery Channel, Fox Business Network, The Weather Channel, Discovery Kids, Hallmark Channel and the NFL Network.

Sky Angel is utilizing proprietary set-top box IPTV technology developed by NeuLion Inc. of Plainview, N.Y. The signal will be sent via an Ethernet cable or wireless router, depending on the location of the TV to the Internet modem. Sky Angel says it is the first provider to offer a vast selection of Christian and family-friendly programming nationwide over IPTV.

The Sky Angel IPTV service will offer twice as many channels as have been available through its satellite service and features a 48-hour playback option on the faith-based TV channels, as well as Video-On-Demand.

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