New AT&T retail partner may close stores

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that retailer Circuit City is considering closing 150 of its stores, possibly as a way to stave off bankruptcy. The Journal attributes the report to unnamed sources, and the retailer declined to discuss its plans with the paper.

What does this have to do with IPTV? For starters, if it happens, it could be a blow to AT&T's plan to market its U-verse IPTV service through Circuit City stores. The telco announced just days ago that it would start selling the service through retail partners Circuit City and Wal-Mart, a plan that intended to make the service available in about 600 stores total.

Second, it may give other telcos who were considering similar IPTV retail partnerships reason to proceed with caution. Retail partnerships seem to have great potential as a way to help telco TV providers advance their service to mass market adoption levels. But, they still need to be careful about who they choose as partners.

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- see this story at The Wall Street Journal

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