New book explains IPTV for everyone

A new book has been published for anyone wanting to get their head around IPTV and its complexities. Titled Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies the book gives a very thorough and easy-to-read tour of the technologies and systems at play in a typical IPTV deployment and related issues. Written by Irish author and telecoms expert Gerard O'Driscoll the book targets professionals who are looking for a solid and objective overview  of IPTV. These include system integrators, engineering directors of carriers and MSO's, technicians, IPTV project managers and Software engineers.

Topics covered include a good oversight of the six types of broadband networks used to transport IPTV, compression technologies, multi-casting, the range of consumer devices now being employed and a good walk through of next generation services. Also covered are security systems, the six home networking technologies typically deployed, VOD, the building blocks of HD IPTV and a chapter that describes 16 of the most popular interactive services, including EPG's and caller ID. The final chapter has a comprehensive look at network administration and quality-of-service management. 

The book is an excellent reference for all things IPTV and a must read for any one wanting the complete IPTV story.

For more:
The book can be bought from the publisher Wiley direct

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