New Chrome extension automatically negotiates with Comcast for rate discounts


Trim, a technology company focused on helping consumers cancel and manage subscription services, has added a bit of levity to the sometimes heated realm of interfacing with Comcast service reps. 

The company has developed an extension to the Google Chrome web browser, which serves as a bot that automatically deals with Comcast reps over the internet, seeking discounts for services. 

Trim is marketing the tool in this somewhat hilarious YouTube video, which shows the subscriber, “Brian Roberts,” typing his Comcast customer information (name, phone number, email, etc.) into the application. The bot takes it from there, initiating chat with a Comcast “analyst” named “Sukhwinder.”

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“Hi. I’m trying to lower my bill,” the bot says. “I don’t want to upgrade anything or change my plan at all. I just want to get the best possible rate for my area. Can you help?”

As the video shows, users can engage in one of four classic video games as the chat slowly runs its course. (The Trim developers in the video choose Pong.)

The bot has two settings: “autopilot,” which lets you sit back and watch it negotiate for you; and manual, which lets you step in.

To its credit, Comcast has made sizable investments in improving its customer service acumen and hiring additional customer service reps.

But as yet another incident that went viral proved earlier this week, the cable company still has a long way to go before customers universally enjoy interfacing with its service personnel.