New satellite boosts Dish TV HD programming lineup; TV Everywhere trademark hopes derailed

> Dish TV has launched a new satellite, EchoStar XV, as part of its push to become an HDTV mega-provider. The new bird, which will start operating later this summer, will enable Dish to add still more HD channels to a lineup that now includes 200 national networks and HD locals in 156 markets, the company said in a news release.

> Speaking of Dish Network, the satellite provider's efforts to trademark TV Everywhere have been derailed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which cited Time Warner's earlier application for On Demand Everywhere as a potential nullifier. Story.

> And while we're on the topic of TV Everywhere, Dan Rayburn, EVP at and principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan gives it short shrift. "For those that think TV Everywhere is the future, it's not," he writes in BusinessInsider. Maybe that will apply some balm on those open Dish Network wounds. Story.

> Apple is apparently looking to do for TV what it did for online music: make money and charge customers to do it. The company is reportedly in talks with networks and studios about a plan to charge 99 cents for streamed TV shows sold (rented?) to computer customers. Story.

> The Wall Street Journal has noticed that John Malone is "fired up about cable again" and is on the prowl for more acquisitions. Story (sub. req.).

And finally... Polish cable operator Inca has gone where few in the world have dared to venture by introducing a new WiMAX Internet access service free of charge to subscribers who buy fixed line telephony. At least for the first two months. Story.