New Zealand ISP offers NightShift from Aterlo to preload Netflix content for users with slow connections

An Internet service provider in New Zealand called Wireless Nation is now selling a $229 device designed by Canadian startup Aterlo Networks that plugs into users' Internet routers and helps to preload Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) video at night so that users with poor or slow Internet connections can still watch Netflix video without grainy pictures or buffering.

The gadget, called the NightShift, includes 32 GB of storage, which translates to around 10 HD cached movies.

"NightShift is ideal for people living in rural areas struggling with small data caps, or for those urban dwellers whose internet connection isn't fast enough to stream in HD during peak hours," said Wireless Nation technical director Tom Linn in a post on Aterlo Networks' website. "For Wireless Nation's rural customers, this is a great saver because they can pre-load Netflix shows and movies at night, using their free off peak data."

However, as NBR points out, Netflix has made it clear that the company won't support downloaded, time-shifted viewing of its content and prefers that users stream its content in real time. NBR said that Netflix wasn't immediately able to comment on the NightShift offering. Article