News of Note—AT&T, Apple, Amazon and more

News of note

> Apple has reportedly emerged as quite the picky buyer of TV shows, insisting on only family-friendly series, or at least shows that can be sent out to all its devices without worrying about younger viewers seeing them. FierceOnlineVideo article

> The FCC voted to do away with the main studio rule that required AM, FM and television broadcast stations to operate a main studio in each community they serve. FierceBroadcasting article

> Amazon Studios comedy and drama series development chief Joe Lewis is leaving the company, reportedly caught up in the sexual harassment scandal that led to the departure last week of his boss, studio chief Roy Price. FierceOnlineVideo article

> ComScore announced that co-founder and CEO Gian Fulgoni will retire from the company in January 2018 and transition to an advisory role with the audience measurement firm. FierceBroadcasting article

> AT&T’s ongoing fiber to the premises efforts are having somewhat of a rippling effect on its overall broadband base, enabling it to add several new IP-based broadband subscribers during the third quarter. However, the migration of legacy DSL customers to IP-based broadband and churn to cable continue to cut into its gains. As penetration approaches 50% in mature markets, the fiber deployment drove 125,000 IP broadband gains throughout AT&T’s wireline regions. FierceTelecom article