News of Note—NFL, Apple and more

News of note
Some of the other news we've been tracking today.

> The NFL may be experiencing somewhat of a ratings decline this season but the amount of advertising revenue it generates continues to rise, according to Standard Media Index. Across all networks that televise NFL games, SMI said that revenue from ads rose 3% from $738 million in October 2016 to $757 million in October 2017. This applies only to in-game advertisements and not pre- or post-game coverage. FierceBroadcasting story

> When Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the company’s latest model of the Apple TV, Cook described HDR as bringing “the magic of the cinema straight to your living room.” High dynamic range (HDR) imaging technology has been around for years, but Apple’s recent announcement marked an important milestone for the technology: HDR has finally hit the mainstream lexicon. FierceBroadcasting story

> Peter Rysavy, president of Rysavy Research, says the proposal put forth by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will hasten the deployment of 5G network technologies and catalyze wireless network innovations. FierceWireless story