News of Note—Windstream, Starry, Pew Research and more

News of note

Here is some of the other news we've been tracking today:

> The growth in overall ad spending for calendar 2017 is going to be up when the final numbers come in for the fourth quarter, but it now looks like the growth rate for the full year will turn out to be less than expected, after a slowdown in spending during the latter half of the year. FierceVideo article

> Fewer Americans are regularly getting their news from television, and those declines are impacting local TV news the most, according to new figures from the Pew Research Center. FierceVideo article

> Windstream has named Eric Solomon as its western region VP of channel sales, reflecting its move to enhance revenue in its partner market channels. FierceTelecom article

> President Donald Trump plans to unveil further details about his rural broadband expansion strategy during a speech he will give at this afternoon’s 99th annual American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Nashville, Tennessee. FierceTelecom article

> Taking advantage of the CES 2018 hullabaloo, Starry announced it will collaborate with Marvell to make a new set of fixed wireless access technologies available to other companies, all in an effort to speed the deployment of fixed wireless 5G technologies. FierceWireless article