The NFL on Apple's iPad or your PC? Maybe, if you have the right pay-TV provider

Assuming you're a big football fan, and assuming there's actually an NFL season this year in light of the labor issues that currently look as hopeless as the New York Giants with a fourth and long call, there's some really great news on the horizon: The NFL is working with pay-TV operators, likely including AT&T and Verizon on plans to offer NFL Network programming to tablets like the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad and to other computers.

Sources told The Wall Street Journal that tasks are ongoing, but are complicated because the NFL already has deals in place for content sent to smartphones.

The NFL has confirmed it will have a few deals in place by the time the season (maybe) kicks off, and said it hoped to score others as well. Verizon and AT&T declined specific comment on the talks, but both DirecTV and Comcast said talks were underway.

While live programming has begun to make its way to alternative devices like the iPad and PCs, sports is seen as the Holy Grail to true TV Everywhere success, and there's little doubt that the NFL is the most coveted of all as it continues to have enormous popularity with viewers.

Earlier this month, for example, the NFL made its annual draft available to iPad and iPhone users, releasing an app for both that was hugely popular.

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