NHL comes to Sling's aid as a partner

Days after Major League Baseball blasted SlingMedia for porting out-of-market games to Sling users laptops while they were on the road, the National Hockey League announced that it would partner with the company. The NHL is even partnering with Sling for its Clip+Sling application, which encourages users to edit the content they port from their home set-top box to their PCs and share it with others.

"Having the most tech-savvy fans of all major professional sports, who also tend to be early adopters of new technology, makes offering NHL content through Clip+Sling a natural fit," said Keith Ritter, President, NHL Interactive CyberEnterprises. "This partnership expands the visibility of our NHL games online and we are excited and proud to be the first sports league to offer this service to our fans."

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