Nielsen report: Consumers not yet in love with 3D

Experience, apparently, is the teacher... at least when it comes to 3D television. But, while 52 percent of people in a recent study who tried 3D said it enhanced their viewing, many said they were less interested in the new delivery mode after seeing it in action, bad news for the 3D industry.

Among the findings in the report, prepared by Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing:

  • 52 percent said it was a better experience than they had expected;
  • 57 percent said they were not likely to buy or use a 3D TV set because of the glasses needed to watch 3D programming;
  • Nearly 90 percent said they were concerned that watching in 3D would keep them from multi-tasking;
  • Nearly 75 percent said appointment-based viewing, sports and movies, were best-suited to being watched in 3D; and
  • 70 percent said they'd play games in 3D.

Researchers have varied in their takeaway regarding 3D television's future, with some studies saying viewers are ready-and eager-to jump into the new technology, and others being far more circumvent about its future, pointing out a dearth of programming, the high cost of the glasses needed to watch 3D, and the general lack of awareness among consumers.

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